Storage & Warehousing

storage and warehousing services Dubai

Professional storage and warehousing services Dubai from BONBINO Movers Dubai ensure you that your stock, freight and other items which are stored is carefully handled, properly inventoried and stored at the required temperature which is feasible to the required products. We had large warehouses and storage stores in Dubai and able to store your good for short term and term period. We facilitate our customers with options of Commercial storage & Warehousing, Domestic storage & Warehousing and other Storage & Warehousing services in Dubai.

Facilities and Storage Services meeting all of your temperature controlled needs

Our storage facilities included

  • Short Term Storage

We facilitate our customer all over Dubai with short term storage services in reasonable prices. We had dedicated warehouse for short term storage.

  • Long Term Storage

We facilitate our customer all over Dubai with long term storage services in reasonable prices. Storage space is available for commercial companies, distributors, suppliers and other purposes as well.

  • Warehousing

At BONBINO Movers Dubai we had dedicated warehouses to meet you domestic, commercial and other storage and warehousing need in Dubai.

  • Packing and Unpacking of Stored Goods

We also provide services Packing and Unpacking for goods which have to store for short term or long term period.

  • Retail Delivery Services

We also deliver your stock to the stores or shopping centers in Dubai. We equipped with special commercial trucks for the delivery of stock from our warehouses to malls, stores and shopping centers. Storage and warehousing services Dubai.

If you storing needs are different from which we are listed here you can contact us directly and told us about your need. Our consultant will provide you complete guide. However we had complete solution of your needs.  BONBINO Mover is a group of professional movers and packers in Dubai.

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