Packing & Unpacking


Packing and unpacking is a very important part of any move especially in house moving, Office moving, commercial moving or international moving. It’s considered a major part of these moves and relocation processes. In moving process we have to move luxury good, glass products and other important good which needs special care.

On The other hand when office moving or relocation has to perform we need to take special care about furniture, equipments, computer hardware and other accessories. Safety in an term in all moving tasks however it’s house moving, Office moving, commercial moving or international moving. At BONBINO Movers we know very well how to secure your important and valuable good and move them safely to required destinations. Our team will view the items to be moved and go through what you wish to take or store, ensuring even the smallest details is taken care of. Our main aim is to provide quality moving services to our clients.

Our staff at BONBINO Movers is professional trained and able to perform packing and unpacking tasks in a better ways. We take simple and easy steps to perform all moving tasks also make sure to save time. Following steps are followed in House moving process

  • Get Started & Survey

At this stage our experts take a details look and complete survey. Get all necessary information about goods which have to move.

  • Planning the Move

At this step all necessary details are in the front of our eyes and we plain our tasks. Our staff compile a detailed plain how they have to perform their tasks in form of groups or individually.

  • Packing

At this stage packing process started and staff starts packing i.e. Furniture Decor, Home Decor, Office Decor and other good which have to move.

  • Transportation

At this stage packing process is completed and staff started loading process. Special Cargo Vehicles are used in transportation process.

  • Unpacking

At this stage unpacking process is done.



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